We would like to express our gratitude to all interested parties for submitting their applications to the OP_YOUNG program.

This year, you submitted over 50 applications to us, presenting a diverse range of artistic projects and creative visions. As always, we are pleasantly surprised by your ideas, and we hold great respect for the creative approaches and motivation that led you to participate in our Program. The Jury deliberations were quite intense, and after numerous discussions, we reached a consensus.

As a result of the competition, the First Prize was not awarded. Nevertheless, the Jury has decided to award the Second Prize to two artists ex aequo, and to honor not one, but two creators with Special Recognitions.

We wish the Laureates further success and encourage them to continue on their creative path. Once again, we extend our thanks to all those who chose to participate in our Program, as well as to our Patron – the law and notary firm GENTZ – for their support in organizing this year’s edition. Ahead of next stages of the Program, culminating in next year’s exhibition at OP ENHIEM.

Until then!

The list of awarded individuals is presented below.

Second Prize ex aequo – Klaudia Kasperska, Katarzyna Bogusz
For their intriguing and bold formal explorations, as well as their awareness of the chosen artistic path and the medium used in their creations.

First Honorable Mention – Marcin Derda
For his mature and comprehensive approach to the themes explored in his work, as well as his
interesting formal solutions.

Second Honorable Mention – Ala Savashevich
For her professionalism, deep awareness of the tackled themes, and adept mapping of artistic issues, including her translation into visual language.