The conclusion of the third edition of the programme, was a multi-threaded exhibition entitled Life Takes on a Different Meaning, which was created during the project.

Within the framework of a single exhibition, these seemingly distant creative concepts meet in the gallery space to show the Wrocław public an artistic vision of contemporaneity. Each of the artists expresses herself in a different medium (photography, drawing, metal, ceramics), confronting issues of ecology, corporeality/spirituality, self-identity, the complexity and multidimensionality of the natural world or the translation of natural processes into cyclicality, human life and being. The attentive viewer will also find here a hint of metaphysics or, perhaps better, spirituality, which accompanies us in the difficult process of searching for ourselves, in this increasingly complex and rushing world, in which it is already difficult to find balance.

Award-winning artists: Daria Kowalewska, Ada Lach-Lewandowska
Distinction: Agnieszka Gotowała


Life Takes on a Different Meaning
Daria Kowalewska / Ada Lach-Lewandowska / Agnieszka Gotowała
Curator: Kama Wróbel
Exhibition duration: 10.03-23.04.2023 r
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