Reacting to the uneasy situation of female and male artists in the era of Pandemic, in 2020 we decided to create a programme which is not based solely on financial aid, but which, through its extensive formula, has a chance to influence the revitalisation of the Wrocław art scene and to include representatives of the younger generation in the area of critical and artistic discussion.

This project, which was a pilot edition, proved to be a necessary programme and has become a permanent feature of OP ENHEIM.

Awarded artists: Jakub Jakubowicz, Oktawian Jurczykowski, Nikita Krzyżanowska, Liliana Zeic (Piskorska)
Distinction: Dorota Morawiec-Winiarska


Oktawian Jurczykowski | Darker red on black and white photographs
Curatorial supervision: Kama Wróbel
Exhibition duration: 20.08-6.09.2020
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Nikita Krzyżanowska, Liliana Piskorska, Jakub Jakubowicz
Presentations of works as part of OP_YOUNG
Curatorial supervision: Kama Wróbel
Exhibition duration: 17.09-6.10.2020
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